Adhesive Compounders Inc following the guidance of the Federal Government guidelines per the direction of the State of Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds.

This information is to inform you that Adhesive Compounders Inc is a manufacturer/distributor of hot melt and water based adhesives and wax coatings that are critical to the manufacturing of products used in numerous manufacturing of the following industries but not limited to: Food Packaging and Production, Medical/Hygiene/Healthcare, Paper Converting such as Towel and Tissue production and Construction.

Per the guidelines, it is important that Adhesive Compounders Inc continues its manufacturing operations in order to support the industries listed above. Any disruption in our manufacturing could have a negative impact on many of our customers throughout the United States who depend on us and who are a valuable part of supporting life functions.

Per the Federal Government and State Gov Kim Reynolds we are authorized to continue manufacturing because we operate within the Chemical, Sector which itself is one of CISA’s 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors. Adhesive Compounders Inc manufactures products that are listed in several of the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors designated by U.S. DHS’ Cyber-security and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”). In addition, Adhesive Compounders Inc workers are essential because they are necessary for Critical Manufacturing Operations as described in CISA March 19, 2020 Guidance and Gov Kim Reynolds Directive to follow the guidance’s on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce for identifying which workers are Essential to the Critical Infrastructure Sectors. See link:

For Any questions please call us directly at 1-800-325-6630

Please stay safe, Protect yourselves, family and your fellow citizens.